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Graduate Research Excellence Awards

Spring 2002 Awards

Eligibility & Restrictions:

  • All departments and interdepartmental graduate programs are eligible.
  • Students must be nominated by their Advisory Committee in its entirety.
  • Student nominated must receive their degree in the semester in which they are being nominated.
  • Download the Criteria Sheet linked below for further information.

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to recognize graduate students for their outstanding research accomplishments as reflected in their thesis or dissertation.

Universities gain national recognition for research.  The quality of an institutionís graduates programs and the strength of its research and development capabilities are closely associated.  Public recognition of the research conducted by the institutionís most talented scientists and scholars is an explicit way to reward excellence and to contribute to the creation of an environment conducive to successful research.

2001 Research Excellence Winners

Dhinesh Sasidaran
M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Michael A. Soderstrand
Title: "Single Chip Fully Tunable Heterodyne Filter"