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Mayflower WEBBS Study Group


The Wednesday Evening Brown Bag Study (WEBBS) group meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm to 7:00pm just prior to choir practice. This allows choir members to participate in a study group here at Mayflower. However, WEBBS is open to anyone interested in attending. You need not be a choir member or even a member of Mayflower.

Current Study

The WEBBS group started its fall session Wednesday September 15 reading the book by Karen Armstrong, A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Ballantine Books, 1993. The group decided to cover one chapter per week. Each participant is asked to summarize three key elements from each chapter as a starting point for the discussions.

WEBBs Schedule

9/15/10Chapter 1 In the Beginning pp. 1-39Lowell Adams
9/22/10Chapter 2 One God pp. 40-78Willie
9/29/10Chapter 3 A Light to the Gentiles pp. 79-106Lowell Adams
10/6/10Chapter 4 Trinity: The Christian God pp. 107-131Michael Soderstrand
10/13/10Chapter 5 Unity: The God of Islam pp. 132-169Martha
10/20/10Chapter 6 The God of the Philosophers pp. 170-208Nancy
10/27/10Chapter 7 The God of the Mystics pp. 209-256Margaret
11/3/10No Session Mayflower Annual Meeting None 
11/10/10Chapter 8 A God for Reformers pp. 257-292Nancy/Bob
11/17/10Chapter 9 Enlightenment pp. 293-345Rusty
11/24/10No Session Day before Thanksgiving none 
12/1/10Chapter 10 The Death of God? pp. 346-376Adam Rackis
12/8/10Chapter 11 Does God Have a Future? pp. 377-400Priscilla Decker

Everyone is invited to attend -- especially newcomers!

NOTE:  For more information contact Michael Soderstrand at 405-334-8329 or

Previous Study

The Wednesday Evening Brownbag Book Study (WEBBS) completed reading two books simultaneously (Francis S. Collins, The Language of God, Free Press, 2006 and George C. Cunningham, Decoding the Language of God, Prometheus, 2010).  The first book is a scientists defense of Christianity and the second book is an atheists response.  This was a lively discussion.


Click here to download the reading schedule.


  1. Click here to download the May 5 Week 1 Study Guide
  2. Click here to download the May 12 Week 2 Study Guide
  3. Click here to download the May 19 Week 3 Study Guide (Click here to download the an article on Process Theology and the Problem of Suffering and Evil)
  4. Click here to download the May 26 week 4 Study Guide
  5. Click here to download the June 2 week 5 Study Guide
  6. Click here to download the June 9 week 6 Study Guide
  7. Click here to download the June 16 week 7 Study Guide
  8. Click here to download the June 23 week 8 Study Guide
  9. Click here to download the June 30 week 9 Study Guide (Click here to download the complete Bourchard and McGue twin's study)

Additional Resources


NOTE: The Collins and Cunningham study was the last in our series before the summer break. The new session will start in the fall (second Wednesday after Labor Day, Wednesday Sept. 15).