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Synapse International Green Energy Products

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Welcome to the Synapse International web site!

Synapse International is dedicated to assisting people in using and supporting green-energy products.  We specialize in commercial and residential ground-source heat pump technology that offers environmentally-friendly heating and air conditioning that can save the environment while saving you money.

Synapse International offers a complete one-stop source for everything needed for installers of ground-source heat pump equipment.  We also can help individuals find contractors to put ground-source heat pump equipment into both commercial and residential properties.  However, our primary role is in advocating ground-source heat pump technology in the Korean market.  We provide a bridge between companies in the United States of America who produce ground-source heat pump equipment and those in Korea who wish to make use of this technology.

Port Hawkesbury Arena in Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia employs a geo-thermal heating and cooling system that uses waste heat from the ice-producting process to provide radient heating inside the arena through ethanol-filled loops located on the floors and bleachers.


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